(Eighth Semester)


(Total Credits: 20)

Industrial training and project should be based on the study of some specific case/issue/problem related to any regional fire services /oil and gas/petrochemical /FMCG / Power Plant / Steel Plant /Airport/ any other Industry. This study includes fire engineering economics, fire risk analysis, quantitative analysis on tactical management; etc. Data should be collected from industry or organization with objective of studying some specific case/issue/problem. The collected data should be analyzed using one or more theories studied in curriculum. The results should be worked out and conclusions should be drawn. The industrial case study can be also being based on the study of report prepared by any industry/business organization related to issues/problems. Group of students (Min 04 & Max 10) can be considered for this study. A detail report should be submitted along with engineering drawings/design, photographs, etc. The report should consist of the problem/issue identified, methodology of data collection, data collected, and method of analysis, results and conclusions. Student is expected to give presentation based on this report.


1. Students are expected to visit at least TWO industries during the period of their attachment.

2. Internal Marks evaluation will be based on monthly progress seminar in the College.